Pay As You Go Worker's Comp

FirstPay offers a simple and accurate “Pay As You Go” workers compensation program called InsurePay. Our program is designed to automate and streamline the processing of your insurance premium payments with the goal of avoiding huge surprises at the end of each policy period. FirstPay can provide very competitive workers’ compensation pricing and we can process your payments, then remit them directly to the appropriate insurance carrier so you DON’T HAVE TO!

Benefits of InsurePay:

  • Reduced or Eliminated Down Payments - Typical deposits range between 20%-50% of total estimated premium.
  • Better Cash Management. Policyholders typically overestimate their premiums which result in overpayments to carriers. The last thing your business needs is to overpay ANYONE!
  • Premiums are based on Actual payrolls versus estimates. What more is there to say?
  • Reduced Risk of Unfavorable Audit - Traditionally, the policyholder is completely unaware of what is going to be due at the final premium audit. (We call this “Audit Anxiety”)
  • No more checks to write - By using our automatic ACH processing, policyholders no longer need to write checks. You can view your account information online 24/7
  • Multiple Carriers - With over 20 carrier partners, FirstPay is determined to get your business the most competitive and appropriate carrier.
  • Outside Broker Participation - Your businesses may also be able to use outside broker participation if you prefer to work directly with your local agent. This makes our process a WIN-WIN-WIN.